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Electronic Navigation Consore (ENC)

Fournisseurs Seacraft
Référence:  SC124-0021
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The SEACRAFT Electronic Navigation Console (ENC) is an underwater navigation device, especially recommended for use with the SEACRAFT underwater scooters (DPV).

The ENC is equipped with a standard bracket that attaches it, just like typical sport cams, to any surface. ENC can be used in two modes:

- basic
- advanced

In basic mode ENC informs the diver about basic current measured navigational parameters:

- Current diving depth; 
- Current direction of movement; 
- Current time period of the dive; 
- The current speed of descent / ascent.

The user can keep track of the above dive parameters and navigate according to their own plan, which is useful in difficult conditions, especially in case of poor visibility under water, lack of visual contact with the bottom or the shore, and the maintenance of the planned direction and depth of the dive.

In advanced mode ENC additionally informs the diver about more advanced navigational parameters:

- Calculated direction to destination;
- Calculated distance to destination;
- Calculated, predicted arrival time at destination;
- Calculated, distance travelled;
- Calculated direction and distance to the starting point.

ENC has the ability to record up to 20 routes and, thanks to the ability to transfer them via Bluetooth to an external PC, gives you the ability to browse the route using typical tools, for example: Google Earth. This device is a computer with high-end sensors.



ENC inertial

Time of continual work

Min. 230 min

Maximum depth

280 m

Average charging time

about 2 hours


84 mm

Working temperature

-10 - +45⁰C


63 mm

Storage temperature

-20 - +45⁰C


33,5 mm

Mounting type




No. of routes in memory


Sensors used: gyroscope, compass, accelerometer - 3 axis, pressure sensor, thermometer.

Data transmission using Bluetooth.

Power: Built-in 3.6V Li-ion battery


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